Eurosport Will be Broadcasting 50 Hours of Winter Olympics Footage in VR

By Tom Pritchard on at

People only really care about the Winter Olympics when Cool Runnings is on, or if the host being accused of corruption and human rights abuses. Maybe because snow-based sports aren't that exciting and non-Canadian people don't have as much interest in them.

If you plan on watching the upcoming PeongChang Winter Olympics, you'll be pleased to know there's another viewing option available to you. Eurosport has just announced it will be broadcasting 50 hours of live footage in VR for any one who wants to strap on a headset.

The opening and closing ceremonies will be broadcast in VR on the 9th and 25th February respectively, with some live VR footage going out every other day of the competition. Popular sports like sports like alpine skiing, snowboarding, curling, figure skating and ice hockey will naturally be among those available in full 360-degrees.

All you need to do to tune is be in anywhere in Europe that isn't Germany or Italy, and have the Winter Olympics Eurosport VR app on your phone. It'll be available on 1st February for £0.99, on Android, iOS, Gear VR, Daydream, and Windows Mixed Reality.

A provisional schedule is also available on the Eurosport website with dates, but not times. Those might change, though, so if you want to watch everything in VR you'll need to keep checking back. [Eurosport via Pocket Lint]

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