Everything Happening at CES 2018

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday saw the official start of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, bringing with it one of the busiest weeks in the tech media calendar - and a load of brand new gadgets and concepts that we might be able to enjoy over the next few months and years.

It can be difficult to keep up with everything, so we've put all our CES coverage here in one place. Remember to bookmark it, though, because we'll be updating it as the week progresses. Alternatively you can also check out the CES tag page and see all our coverage in a slightly different format.

Sennheiser's First Home Audio Product is a 3D Sound Bar That Blew My Mind

It's likely to be pricey, but we want it.

You Will Probably Die Before This Monstrous New Backup Battery From Duracell Does

Boasting 660Wh of power, this beast is designed to keep basic appliances in your home running in the event of a power outage.

Casio's £33,000 Printer Can Turn Paper Into Faux Leather, Wood, and Alligator Skin

Even embossing and stitching can all be faked using the printer's innovative Mofrel technology.

Mobile Connect Is Dell's Answer to Apple Handoff

When paired with an Android phone, Mobile Connect can make calls, check notifications, and even mirror your phone’s screen right on your laptop.

Why Samsung's Home of the Future Concept Scares the Hell Out of Me

I’m not ready to install tiny microphones all over my house that can listen to my grumbles.

Uh, Panasonic, I Think You Forgot to Bring the Gadgets

In years past, the Panasonic booth has been a treasure trove of neat things. This year, it’s a cool looking plastic box that you can sit in.

Razer and Phillips Team Up to Enhance Your Gaming Session With Rave Lighting

The real killer feature will be when fans and game designers use the Chroma Workshop to affect how lights function when you’re playing a game.

The World's Biggest Tech Show Just Lost Power

Everyone gathered around giant gleaming TVs, strapped on VR headsets, played fetch with robot dogs, and then the power blew out.

Samsung Put a Big AKG Speaker Into a Refrigerator and It's Oddly Awesome

It bumps tunes, and it keeps your milk cold.

After Trying the New Wireless Vive Pro There's No Going Back

A new piece of VR tech reminded me why the headsets are much more than gimmicks.

The Coros Omni Bike Helmet has Bone Conduction So You Can Cycle With Your Tunes

Listen to something interesting without clogging up your ears.

The First In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Has Arrived, Courtesy Chinese Company Vivo

Big companies might not have completely abandoned the idea, but they won't be the first to get it right.

Willi.i.am Just Bought a Headphone Company

Earin is part of Will.i.am's tech company i.am+ now.

This Might Be the Fastest Flash Memory to Ever Go in a Laptop

It’s a tiny bootable drive that could make your computer ridiculously fast.

The First Standalone VR Headset From Google and Lenovo Is a Beauty

The Daydream-powered Lenovo Mirage Solo is the first VR headset to cross that 100 per cent wireless finish line.

Game Boy Is Coming Back Thanks to Hyperkin

Hyperkin’s hardware improves on Nintendo’s original Game Boy in countless ways, without affecting the classic gameplay many of us remember.

Dell's XPS 15 2-in-1 Wants to Be the Anti-MacBook Pro

With this latest offering, Dell is getting dangerously close to producing an ideal all-rounder laptop.

Checking Out LG's Prototype TVs Was Like Sending My Eyes to Disney World

It was hard not to fall in love with the company's record-breaking 88-inch OLED TV featuring glorious 8K resolution.

Razer's New Battery-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse Is Disarmingly Light

But the price sure isn't.

This Huge Screen Looks Like a TV, But It's Actually a Specialised Gaming Monitor

Big, bright, and gamey.

Razer Put a Phone in a Laptop and I Don't Hate It

Razer’s take on the dumb idea has just enough polish, even in this concept stage, to actually feel kind of cool.

Sony, Please Let Me Play With This Good Boy

It is a cruel fate to live so far from Aibo, whose dorky little yips warm the heart with their robotic inflection.

Le Slide Lets You Add Two Extra Screens to Your Laptop, But It's Not Cheap.

It attaches with magnets, and connects via USB. What more could you want? Maybe a slightly lower price.

This Super-Tall Phone Will Be Super Cheap

Alcatel is planning on bringing the price of phones with extra-wide displays down to just $100 in the US — that's about £74.

Qualcomm's Smart Audio Platform Now Supports Cortana

Meaning it'll be easier to build Cortana-centric smart gadgets in future.

Virgin Hyperloop One Already Has an App to Book Yourself a Seat

An app for a transport system that doesn't actually exist yet.

I Think Sony Realised Last Year's Cool OLED TVs Looked Too Weird

The new A8F series is decidedly more traditional.

SanDisk Squeezed 1TB of Storage Into a Single USB Stick

Sadly this is just a prototype, with no information pricing or availability.

Amazon and Google's Dumb Fight About YouTube Videos Makes More Sense Now 

I wouldn’t hold your breath for YouTube returning to Amazon devices any time soon.

Qualcomm Claims Its New Chip Will Triple Battery Life on Wireless Headphones

There’s a good reason to get excited for what the future of bionic buds holds.

This Mobile VR Headset Comes With Eye-Tracking and Brain Sensors

Looxid VR is a mobile headset that's taking the next big step.

Lenovo Says Its Snapdragon Surface Clone Gets 20 Freaking Hours of Battery Life

The device is expected to launch in early Q2 2018—so late March or early April.

LG Unveils Voice Assistant That Ignores Your Questions, Just Like Real People

CLOi does not have time for your nonsense.

This Roku Sound Bar Is Part Smart Speaker and Part Remote Control

The Roku Entertainment Assistant is a voice-controlled digital assistant focused on controlling devices like TVs, speakers, and, of course, sound bars.

VR Takes the Next Step Forward with the Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adaptor

By Sam Rutherford on  at 

These new developments have the power to completely transform the modern VR experience.

LaCie's New Rugged Drive Can Backup All Your Footage On Location Without a Computer

The DJI Copilot drive can ingest and back up your media all by itself, letting you leave your laptop at work.

CES 2018's Hottest Tech Trend Might Be Gadgets for Old People

Sorry, millennials.

Panasonic Cut the Lumix GH5S' Resolution in Half to Get Even Better Low-Light Images

But don't worry, the GH5's exceptional 4K video capture isn't going away.

GE Wants to Hang a 27-inch Screen and a Camera Over Your Stove 

Introducing the Kitchen Hub.

Samsung's 8K TVs Will be Available to Buy Later This Year

4K can do one, apparently. It's affordable, so it's time for the TV-makers to move onto bigger things. Literally.

Garmin's Alexa-Powered Navigation Device Gains a Built-in Dash Cam It Should Have Had From the Start

It’s a feature I wish the unit had had from day one.

Smart Vibrator Data is Being Used to Create Art

Yes you read that correctly. The exhibition is called ARTGASM.

First Alert Has Its Own Wi-Fi Mesh Router That Hijacks Every Connected Device With Smoke Alarm Warnings

Paranoia can be a strong selling tool.

HTC Teases a Brand New Vive Headset

It's fuelled speculation that a headset with better resolution is on the way.

AMD Is Making a Really Great Case For Ditching Intel-based Computers

If Intel, who is already hurting from this security snafu, doesn’t want to find itself playing second fiddle, it will need to step up its game.

Here's the Latest EV Startup Trying to Take Down Tesla

With a flashy press conference and some impressive looking demos, Byton is clearly talking a big game.

Black Box VR Brings Your Gym Into the World of VR

Strap on a headset and get yourself a 30 minute workout done. Sound like a good idea?

Samsung Swears Its Top-Shelf Displays Won't Suck as Much as Last Year

Samsung’s claim is bold, but in a closed door demo, the proof seemed to be there!

Samsung's New TV Is Just a Giant Wall

Boy does it feel futuristic.

This Tiny Thumbnail Sensor Tells You When to Get Off the Beach Because You've Had Too Much Sun

When your mum isn't around to nag you to apply suncream, your phone can do her job.

Intel and AMD Join Forces on Tiny New Chip

Intel and AMD might be fierce competitors for decades, but that hasn’t stopped the two chip makers from teaming up.

DJI's Refreshed Smartphone Video Gimbal Is Now Way Cheaper and Whole Lot Better

The Osmo Mobile 2, announced today, looks like it improves on almost every point of contention.

LG is Ready to Roll Out a Rollable 65-Inch TV at CES 2018

Roll up, roll up! It's the most advanced, absurdly skinny telly you've ever seen.

LG's New Tower Projector Will Beam 150-Inches of 4K Sexiness to Your Wall

Are you currently living in Bag End? Then the HU80KA's colossal screen size probably isn't for you.

Here Comes CES 2018, the Biggest Gadget Show in the World—What to Expect

Lots of new tech is incoming next week.

To Make Its Awesome TVs Better, LG is Looking Deep Inside

While LG has announced the new TVs today, we won’t actually get to see them until next week.

Lyft is Offering Autonomous Car Rides for CES Attendees

Travel to one of 20 pre-set Vegas locations in a car that drives itself around. What a time to be alive.