Everything We Spotted in the First Trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp

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Earlier today Marvel released the first teaser trailer for it's third film release of 2018: Ant-Man and the Wasp, with Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly returning as the two titular heroes. The film is set to be released this July, so it's a while off yet, but we can still try and pull out as much information from the trailer as we can. There's a lot in there, so let's get to it.

First up is the trailer itself, in case you haven't seen it yet:

Like the last film, this one is set in San Francisco - rather than New York or LA like most big action movies.

We get a little recap of the last film Ant-Man was in, Civil War, where he sided with Cap against the Sokovia Accords. Obviously Hope Van Dyne didn't make an appearance, and it seems as though Scott just didn't ask her to come.

She's not clear if she would have (but clearly isn't happy about it), but if she had Scott never would have ended up in The Raft prison.

The aftermath of that capture, and subsequent jailbreak, seems to be having a big impact on the film. Here we have Scott in some sort of ankle bracelet.

And here is his house being searched by the FBI. SHIELD-proper has been gone for a while, so it seems the other federal agencies are picking up the slack. It's also clear Scott isn't living with Luis and his crew anymore.

But despite not being on the run like Cap and the rest, it means he can spend time with his daughter, Cassie.

Scott's voiceover admits that he does dumb things, and the people he loves always pay the price. Given everything from the last film, it seems that's literally the story of his life.

The people he love are also being hunted by the FBI, who are shockingly well armed. Do they have this sort of stuff in the real world, or is this because they need to be more like SHIELD?

They're surrounding Hank and Hope, with a shocking number of troops. Clearly they don't want to risk these two shrinking up and getting away.

Hope clearly isn't happy, saying thanks to Scott they (presumably her and Hank) had to run.

Keep an eye on the vent on top of this building.

Yes, Hank can shrink entire buildings now. Pym Particles are for more than shrinking superheroes and tanks/keychains.

I can't be the only person disturbed by this CG pigeon though. I hope they fix that.

The building is a suitcase, and that vent is the handle. Hank clearly has a thing about shrinking stuff for a second purpose.

This is some sort of shrinking ship that we see later on in the trailer. Look to the right and you'll see two giant Duracell batteries, meaning this is some sort of shrunken lab. Or Hank managed to blow up the batteries without them actually blowing up.

This looks to be a different lab, but over to the left we can see some sort of test chamber. It's not clear what's inside, but it looks like something to do with sound waves.

A closer look a fraction of a second later, and you can see that there's a person in there.

Judging from that circular thing, this is that person, and I'm guessing this is Ghost the film's main villain played by British actress Hannah John-Kamen. In the comics Ghost is a genius hacker with a custom suit that lets him turn invisible and intangible. Presumably the movie version will be similar, although this version is a woman.

I'm guessing the sound waves are what make the suit's powers work the way they do.

Here's that moment in a GIF so you can see what's happening.

And here we have Laurence Fishburne, jumping over the Marvel, playing scientist Bill Foster. In the comics Foster was a hero with the power to grow, going by the name Black Goliath and later just Goliath.

In the film Foster is described as a scientist and Hank Pym's former assistant. Hopefully this one doesn't turn out like Darren Cross, and become a bad guy. It looks like Foster is in the same lab as Ghost, but given the brief glimpse it's impossible to be sure.

After the death of Anthony in the last film, it seems Scott picked out a replacement.

And here we have what appears to be Ghost again, on a motorbike. What's with that brown fluid, is that something special or standard? I'm not a bike person.

That short clip is followed by a bunch of obvious gangsters on similar bikes chasing someone (presumably Hope and Scott,if Ghost is about). Ghost isn't in this shot, though, so it's unlikely she's allied with these guys.

This shot also shows the film will show San Francisco proper, and not stick to the outskirts like the last film.

Someone is pursuing them with a slightly less flashy ensemble, and we get to see just how much shrinking tech Hank has been putting together over the year. I do wonder how the van is able to stay the same speed at that size, though. Shouldn't it have to go be going even faster to keep up with the big one above?

Scott can grow now, so he's putting that ability to good use by coming out of the bay in front of a ferry of some kind. Note that his helmet doesn't have any antennae here, making is more rounded and similar to the Ant-Man helmet of the comic.

He's also obviously after someone, and that someone is the dude in the beige suit holding the suitcase in the middle of the ferry. That's Sonny Burch played by Walter Goggins - a minor criminal businessman from the comics and rival to Tony Stark.

And here we have a proper look at Ghost herself, though it's not clear where she is or what she's doing.

Judging from how flashy this car is, it's clear it belongs to Luis (Michael Peña), aka the best character from any Marvel movie. Either that or one of his crew.

It's probably Luis, though, judging from him and the car in this shot.

We also have a shadowy shot of someone in what looks like an Ant-Man-style suit. Probably Hope, kept obscured for some reason.

And here we get to see the ship from earlier on in the trailer. Anyone who watched Star Trek: Discovery will know that those things on either side are tardigrades, and means Hank managed to safely shrink the ship beyond the usual levels into the microscopic world.

My guess is this is an experimental machine he wants to use to access the Quantum subatomic realm to find his wife janet Van Dyne (played by Michelle Pfeiffer).

Here Scott is getting some words of wisdom from Cassie, who suggests he get a partner of some kind to watch his back. Well guess what, kid, he's doing just that.

Marvel has also made it clear that The Wasp isn't Scott's sidekick, she's at the very least is equal. If anything you'd think Soctt is her sidekick, based on what she can do:

Here we have our first look at Hope in full costume in action, kicking ass.

This is the best shot I could get from the trailer. She really doesn't like staying still.

Her suit is quite a bit different to Scott's, though, because she has wings - and here they are in action. She really has mastered the whole shrinking thing too.

"Hold on, you gave her wings?"

"And blasters"

And here are those blasters. They look like they have a bit of a kick to them. Obviously Hank and Hope have been busy while Scott was away.

"So I take it you didn't have that tech available for me?"

"No, I did".

Well would you trust an unproven ex convict who was only just mastering the art of shrink-fu with wings and dangerous guns? No.

And here is the final shot of the trailer, almost emulating the famous Thomas the Tank Engine scene from the first trailer for Ant-Man. It's not the same, but it's the kind of thing that would make movie Deadpool proud.

That's all there is, and I can't really gleem any major plot points from it - other than the fact that the trio are going to be spending a decent chunk of the film being chased and that they're going to shrink down to search for Janet Van Dyne. That's probably a good thing, though, since it means we won't walk into the cinema in July with the entire film spoiled for us.

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