'Fanny's Kebabs' Denied Company Status

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Freedom of Information request placed with Companies House has delivered the goods, after someone had the idea of asking the business registrar for a list of names that it rejected for being too rude or suggestive.

The BBC Wales investigation found that some joker thought Cocktease Fashion Ltd was a great name for a business, but seeing as this isn't the 1970s any more it was rejected, As was Robotdick Ltd, Dapper Dog and Stylish Bitch Ltd and Sugartits Ltd. Even the relatively benign request to register Sod it Systems Limited was denied.

The Companies House searchable database reveals that there was a company called Titstop that went bust, and the word fanny seems to be OK to use for your business if it's genuinely the name of the woman frying up the burgers or boiling the sugar. AR Services has also gone bust. [BBC]

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