Fire Sales Start at Doomed Toys R Us Branches

By Gary Cutlack on at

The great cull of Toys R Us branches is about to get under way, with the financially besieged retailer starting the clearing out process at the 25 locations it's about to board up for good.

This sale only covers items being sold in-store, with the advert promising "up to" 30 per cent off everything. So that's maybe five per cent off the good Lego, and 30 per cent off the crappy Barbies in bent boxes. The company's web site has the full list of doomed branches, with the likes of Plymouth, Watford, Exeter and Tamworth about to see their toy warehouses ransacked and shut down.

The branches have only been given a vague closing date of "spring" at the moment, so don't go mad just yet. It could be 40 per cent off your dream play kitchen by March. [Toys R Us]

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