Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes Are "Tantamount To Theft", Says Former Culture Secretary

By James O Malley on at

Another day, another warning about the dark side of Kodi - this time from John Whittingdale, who until Theresa May became Prime Minister was the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

Writing in the "i" newspaper, Whittingdale lays into what he calls "Illicit Streaming Devices" - and singles about Kodi boxes by name. In the piece, he points out that while Kodi is legal, it is the apps that can be loaded on top which make it an attractive platform for piracy.

Why does this matter? He's worried because "ISDs, such as Kodi boxes, are a generation on from illegal computer downloads, because too often they allow consumers to watch infringing content directly on their living room television, thus normalising an illegal act."

"Our creative industries made a record £92 billion contribution to the economy last year, thanks to the many hardworking individuals employed in them. They deserve better than to have their work stolen", he says, before concluding:

"If we want the best entertainment to enjoy in the future, we need to protect it now. Illegal streaming of copyright content is tantamount to theft and is already doing huge damage to our broadcasters, content creators and rights owners. In 2018, let’s take action to stamp it out".

Though Whittingdale is no longer a Minister, he is still a Member of Parliament - so could conceivably be a leading figure in the debate if the government decides to further legislate to clampdown on Kodi boxes and other streaming boxes. [i News]

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