Game of Thrones Wins Ultimate Put-On-Stamp Accolade

By Gary Cutlack on at

The fact that there are loads of British actors in it is Royal Mail's justification for putting a still running, mostly American TV series on its first batch of posh stamps for 2018, although we suspect the decision might have something to do with Game of Thrones' vast merchandise-happy legion of fans.

There's 15 of the stamps to come, featuring that man with the beard, that woman with the hair, the one who used to be Mellors in Lady Chatterley, and all the ones that are probably going to be dead soon, with the set given an on sale date of January 28.

Thrones has therefore beaten Dad's Army by about 50 years in the race to get on a stamp, with the classic sitcom part of Royal Mail's recently announced plans for 2018 specials that also includes stamps to mark the RAF Centenary, ones that highlight successfully reintroduced UK wildlife, and the end of the WWI commemorative run. [Guardian]

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