Gamers Rally to Comfort User as he Suffers a Seizure in VR Chat

By Dave Meikleham on at

Every now and then, human beings can be pretty swell. Earlier in the week a gamer suffered a seizure in VR Chat, and was immediately comforted by a group of concerned bystanders on the virtual reality social platform.

Image: YouTube screenshot

The user, nicknamed DrunkenUnicyclist, was wearing full-body motion tracking hardware; as a result, every painful twitch and violent contortion was played out in real-time on VR Chat, as his robotic avatar writhed around on the floor. YouTuber Rogue Shadow VR recorded the incident, which you can view below:

To see how clearly concerned players are, including a giant Pokemon and a Morty avatar, as they give the user advice and comfort, is both surreal and touching. Thankfully, DrunkenUnicyclist seems to have come through the ordeal without suffering any major medical complications.

Considering how toxic online gaming, nay, much of humanity can be in 2018, it's comforting to see that some folk still give a damn about their fellow humans.