Gove Plans Grey Squirrel Genocide

By Gary Cutlack on at

Michael Gove is in charge of what happens to all the animals now, like a modern-day Noah, and is apparently about to declare a mass extinction-level attack on the grey squirrel population. No, you little grey rodent, you are not coming on the Ark.

As every amatuer nature enthusiast knows, the greys don't really belong here. They are Victorian-era imports that have successfully brutalised our gentle red squirrel population, and as well as that they damage woodlands by stripping the bark off saplings and killing young trees. And Gove also wants to plant lots of trees, so he is, right now, extremely angry about grey squirrels. Finally we have a reason to be grateful for their existence.

The environment secretary is said to be about to make it a government policy to start a cull of the species, with Lord Gardiner, rural affairs minister with responsibility for landscaping issues, heading the cull call in a recent select committee hearing. [The Times]