Government Plans Fake News Social Media Hit Job

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government is preparing to announce the creation of a new division entirely focused on righting the wrongs of the "fake news" culture of today, with the Cabinet Office about to house a crack team of people who do nothing other than spend their days on the internet sighing.

The imminent coming of the anti-fake news squad has been confirmed by Alex Aiken, head of the Government Communication Service, who said it's part of a push to "...reclaim a fact-based public debate" that the department feels has been monopolised by "a small number of dominant opinion formers" who may or may not have our best little interests at heart.

Aiken announced this in a thing he wrote all by himself for the readers of PR Week, where he described the new team as a having a "...a rapid response social media capability to deal quickly with disinformation."

Presumably it'll have more power than simply paying a young man with a beard to say "No it didn't" in comments fields and replies to messages all day, although no mention of any actual legal powers to have fictional or just vaguely incorrect news stories removed was made; so it could be little more than a fact-checking Twitter account. [Sky News]