Greggs is Thinking About Going Vegan

By Kim Snaith on at

Greggs, once known only for its sausage rolls and steak bakes, has been fooling around with 'healthy choices' for a while now. From salads, to low fat sarnies, Greggs is now considering adding a vegan line to its menu.

The discussion has arisen after a petition on Peta UK's website called for Greggs to add a vegan sausage roll. Greggs' chief executive responded to the petition, claiming that making a sausage roll that's both vegan and tasty is too tall an order — but the company will be looking at adding other items to suit the palettes of vegan customers.

Vegan sandwiches will likely be the first items to pop up. Hooray for salad on bread! It might not be quite as good as a sausage roll, but if you can't have the real thing anyway, a meat-free imitation just wouldn't hit the spot. [i News]