Hampshire Curry House Is Flying Takeaways to France to Give Homesick Brits a Proper Curry

By Tom Pritchard on at

Britain has seen a fair amount of immigration throughout its long history, whether we're talking about the Romans over 2,000 years ago or people from around the world who think it might be nicer place to live. All those people brought their food and cooking styles with them, and as a result you can get good food from pretty much every country without too much hassle.

It's not like that everywhere, though, and the fact they can't get a decent curry in France is making some British expats homesick. So the local curry house is doing the only thing it can: flying out a takeaway just for them.

James Emery, an expat pilot who lives in Bordeaux, has chartered a plane for this special occasion and deliver a takeaway from the Akash restaurant in Southsea. He's been a loyal customer for the past 20 years, and every time he visited he would lament the fact that the Indian food available in France was "bland and uninspiring". After speaking with Faz Ahmed, the restaurant's manager, the two came up with the idea to pull off the airborne delivery.

The delivery is set to take place this Saturday in partnership with Iroise Aero Formation, a professional flying school from Brest. The plane will take off from Solent Airport near Portsmouth and land 500 miles later in Saucats Airfield, south of Bordeaux.

Obviously the food will be cold by then, and will need to be heated up for the 50 expats eagerly awaiting their food.

The best part is that 'Curry by Air' only costs £32, and for that price you get a choice of curry, vegetable side, naan bread, a drink, and a portion of rice. Sadly you need to be in Bordeaux to buy one, and obviously you need to pay for it in advance. In the event of something preventing the light aircraft making the trip (like bad weather), everyone will get a full refund.

Mr Ahmed said:

"Because of Brexit and other complications we were initially concerned this idea would not become a reality.

But now I am confident it will be pulled off and cannot wait to see the outcome. It is an expensive thing to do but will be worth every penny when we pull it off. I’m excited."

It's also good advertising, because it shows your curry is so good people are willing to have it flown out to them 500 miles away. I just wish the takeaway near my parents' house did something like this. [Metro]

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