Health Police Say Children Can Only Have Two Biscuits a Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Public Health England has got a new, jaunty little healthy eating slogan it hopes will soon enter the public consciousness alongside the classic "five a day" — "two a day max."

This refers to snacks for children, and it's parents who should be paying attention to it. The Change4life campaign warns that the average child manages to consume three unhealthy snacks and drinks each day, leading to this poor average kid absorbing three times the recommended amount of sugar and working his internal organs as hard as a Tate & Lyle factory.

Hence the new slogan and advertising campaign, which sort of rhymes, and warns: "100 calorie snacks, two a day max," and would like parents to look at the nutritional information of the things their child is whining about having before letting it have it, keeping ideal snack sizes to less than 100 calories per rustling-packaged thing.

PHE's Alison Tedstone said: "The true extent of children’s snacking habits is greater than the odd biscuit or chocolate bar. Children are having unhealthy snacks throughout the day and parents have told us they’re concerned. To make it easier for busy families, we’ve developed a simple rule of thumb to help them move towards healthier snacking." [GOV]

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