Highways Agency Wants to Ban Cyclists From Popular Bit of Road

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Highways Agency is currently running a consultation with locals about what to do with a complicated road problem. The problem being a 10-mile stretch of the A63, where cyclists come to its smooth surface and gentle undulations to attack time trial records while cars whizz past at 70mph.

It's a bit dangerous, say drivers. It's fun, say cyclists. Ban the bikes, says the Highways Agency, which says it's all in the interests of the safety of riders, explaining: "Cyclists are travelling on a carriageway that carries average speeds of 65mph for traffic, at a rate of over 2,500 vehicles per hour. In the last five years there have been six accidents involving cyclists, including a fatality in 2013."

The local council and police force agree with the plan too, hence there's a good chance that the roads department will get the Traffic Regulation Order needed to ban bikes from the 10 mile stretch between North Cave and Daltry Street in Hull. [Hull Daily Mail]

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