Holiday Firm Offers Pre-Booking for Sunbeds

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fans of comedy routines from the 1970s are dusting off some of the old material today thanks to holiday chain Thomas Cook, which has revealed a pilot scheme that lets travellers pre-book poolside sun loungers for the entire duration of their stay.

Some poor old hotel maid will then do the dirty work of reserving a sunbed for your lobster arse each morning, with the holiday business charging €25 for a week's worth of lounging security.

Cook's service is called Choose Your Favourite Sunbed and is launching at three of the chain's most popular hotels. Guests will see a custom lounger selection screen when booking, where it'll be possible to block off a few for the duration of your stay, for those days when the appeal of the local architecture has worn off and you just want to be warm, lying down, and on your phone, telling the bots who follow you that you are on holiday and here's a photo of your feet. [Thomas Cook via Mirror]

Image credit: Unsplash