Hopefully This Poo-Powered Composting Street Light is Not the Future

By Gary Cutlack on at

A street light up the Malvern Hills is doing something exciting. It's shining away, guiding walkers out on their walks, with the energy it uses coming from a composting system that's powered by rotting bags of dog poo.

The trial's been under way for a couple of years, with theĀ anaerobic digester system rotting the poo until itĀ gives off the right kind of gas to power the generator that runs the light. It's such a thrilling, environmentally sound proposition that dog walkers are now offered free paper bags to fill up with poo, so they can refuel the light on the way back down again.

Who wants one in lamp form for their bedside table? Would save energy while cutting down on the tedium of having to get out of bed to do a poo. [BBC]