HQ Just Launched a UK Version of its Insanely Popular Trivia App

By Tom Pritchard on at

Over in the US the coolest app of them all (at the moment) is HG, a live trivia app where people compete for cash prizes. All they have to do is answer 12 questions correctly to win, though they do get fiendishly difficult the further along you get. The company has plans to expand, and one of those is the launch of a UK-centric version earlier today.

As spotted by The Next Web's Matthew Hughes, the app now has a UK version of the popular quiz that takes place every Monday and Wednesday at 3pm and 9pm. The app itself was always available globally, but the fact that some of the quizzes were at 9pm EST (2am GMT) meant it wasn't always convenient for us Brits to take part. That's not an issue anymore, though, and the questions are more relevant to us anyway.

According to Hughes, the prizes for the UK quiz are a lot smaller than the US counterpart. It was only $500 today, and no I don't know why it's in dollars either. The US version, in comparison, has reached as high as $10,000. But the upside is that there are a lot fewer people, or at least there were.

Hughs says there were only 5,000 people playing, but US participants can expect to be competing against 50,000 on any given night. Fewer people playing means fewer people have the chance to win, and eventual winners don't have to share with quite as many people. In theory anyway. Nobody won this first UK quiz, though, with all contestants eliminated by the end of the 11th round.

HQ Trivia is currently only available on iOS, though the company intends to expand to Android in the near future. From what I can tell you just need to download the regular version of the app from the iTunes App Store. Details are pretty scarce since there hasn't been an official announcement, but I've reached out to HQ Trivia and will update when I hear back. [The Next Web]

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