I Can't Stop Watching These Soap Bubble Snow Globes Get Made

By Matt Novak on at

The news can be pretty depressing these days. Sometimes it feels like you need to just wash your brain out with soap. And have I got the brain soap for you: There’s a guy in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada who’s really good at making outdoor snow globes out of bubbles. I could watch him make these all day.

It was pretty damn cold in Canada over New Year’s. And Craig Boehm took the opportunity to make some amazing natural snow globes using nothing but soap, water, a straw, and the excruciatingly cold weather.

As the people of Canada rang in 2018, the temperature dropped to -40 degrees. And as one natural snow globe enthusiast points out, the cool thing about -40 degrees is that it’s the same in Celsius as it is in Fahrenheit. Or, I guess, that’s “cool” if you don’t have to be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time.

But Boehm didn’t invent the creation of natural snow globes, obviously. There are other snow globe videos on YouTube and I really can’t recommend them highly enough. Like this one from Slim Potatohead.

Let the soothing snow globes wash over your brain. That’s it. Doesn’t that feel better?

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