Ikea Creates an Advert for Women to Wee on

By Gary Cutlack on at

An advert for an Ikea cot in a Swedish magazine has broken weird new ground in terms of interactivity, with the ad asking for women to wee on it in order to receive a surprise.

There is the possibility of two surprises, in fact, as the advert is an incredibly clever embedded pregnancy test. Should the on-page test come up with a positive result, there's the chance of earning a huge discount on buying the cot pictured, with the item's price changing in colour to the lower amount should the reader be carrying a load. These people are wasted in advertising.

The ad's running in Sweden's Amelia magazine. The creators explained: "The pregnancy test strip was used as a starting point, which relies on antibodies that bind to the pregnancy hormone hCG, resulting in a colour change. For scaling up of this technique and adopting it to the physical format of a printed ad, Mercene Labs has used their experience in development of surface active materials for microfluidics and medical diagnostics." [Ad Week]