Ironic Book Trend Thankfully Collapses

By Gary Cutlack on at

In last year's financial figures, high street retailer WH Smith gave us the fantastic news that adult colouring books were dying on their arse. And we rejoiced. This year, there's some even better news about the death of an execrable trend -- the concept of ironic funny modern versions of classic books is cratering now. And we rejoice harder.

The news was buried in some financial numbers issued by the book and, er, Ribena and, er, Dairy Milk chain, which blamed part of a four per cent drop in festive period like-for-like sales on "...lower sales of high margin spoof humour books compared to the same period last year when humour books had a particularly strong performance."

Which means those horrendous modern reworkings of the Mr Men books have flopped, proving Einstein's theory about there being a constant low level of justice present in the universe to automatically smite wrongdoers, plus fewer Christmases were ruined by having to pretend that an ironic reimagining of the Famous Five series is going to do anything other than sit on a shelf and eventually get donated, unread, to a charity shop. [WH Smith [PDF] via Sky News]

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