Is the Angel of the North a Restaurant or Cheryl Tweedy's Nickname?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A wide-ranging survey looking at what we do and don't know about where we live has revealed a number of really quite stupid things, including confusion over what the Angel of the North actually is and whether or not Land's End is a real place or a setting in Game of Thrones.

The survey was carried out by hotel chain Marriott, which has a vested interest in people visiting new places. It pulled out such amazing statistics as 20 per cent of people not knowing where the Severn Bridge is and what countries it joins together, four per cent of people thinking the Angel of the North is a restaurant, and 10 per cent of subjects believing Pudding Lane is where the Beatles recorded their music.

It's like the worst episode of Pointless, and we're all the stars. There's a quiz you can do if you're wondering where they got all these useless people from and are feeling smug about your UK county knowledge. [PR]

Image credit: Unsplash