KitKat is Giving Away 50,000 'Joe the Mugs' in its Latest Promotion

By Kim Snaith on at

Fancy a mug with a smiley face on it? As part of KitKat's latest promotion, you can win one of 50,000 'Joe the Mugs'. The catch? They want you to eat a lot of KitKats 'til you find a winning code.

The mugs look pretty cool - white with one of eight happy faces on:

In order to grab your own Joe, you'll need to buy a KitKat with promotional packaging, and grab a code printed inside. Entering it online will tell you instantly if you're a winner or not. If you're not... well, you'll just have to have another KitKat. Mmmm, chocolate.

The giveaway goes alongside a new marketing campaign that focuses on social media, along with a new TV ad that will be on regular TV and in cinemas over the coming weeks.