Lake District Airport Prepares for Passenger Flights

By Gary Cutlack on at

People looking to escape the cities for a rural break in Cumbria may soon be able to leave the Porsche Cayenne at home and fly up, as the previously under-the-radar Carlisle Lake District Airport is gearing up to accept commercial passengers for the first time since 1993.

The airport's owned by the Stobart Group, which thinks it might be onto a winner in allowing regional flights from as far afield as Southend, Belfast and Dublin to bring tourists and businesspeople in to the area, a plan that could be ready for action in time for the summer migration of the unfit to the rural parts of the country for their annual 10-day walking boot camp.

The airport's very active on Facebook as you would expect of a modern transport hub, where it reveals that work's currently underway on a new terminal to accommodate the tourists of the future. Early June is the opening time, they say, although no details on which airline/s are to serve it have yet been revealed. [Standard]

Image credit: Facebook

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