Lego Ideas' Latest Fan-Designed Set is This Lovely Ship in a Bottle

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego Ideas is a great way for people who love Lego to try and get their designs built, even though a lot of incredible sets have to be put into the reject pile. Still most of the sets that do get made are pretty incredible, and the latest one to join their ranks is the Ship in a Bottle.

This should be a lot easier to build that an actual ship in a bottle, since the bottle itself snaps in place around the ship. No messing around ensuring it will fit through the bottleneck.

The set was designed by Jake Sadovich (aka JakeSadovich77), an Ideas member from the USA, who was inspired by an actual bottled ship he built himself a few years ago. Clearly the users saw something special, because according to Lego it managed to get the necessary 10,000 votes in just two months.

Now the 962-piece set has been approved, and it'll go on sale on 1st February for £70. With it you get a bottle replica, made from Lego, complete with it's very own cork. Inside is a miniature ship named Leviathan on its own bed of water-effect studs. There's even a compass under the bottle, and while it doesn't actually point north the needle does spin.

The Ship in a Bottle isn't available to order just yet, but there is still a page on the Lego Store website for you to stare at while you wait.

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