LG is Ready to Roll Out a Rollable 65-Inch TV at CES 2018

By Dave Meikleham on at

LG seems poised to make one hell of a splash when CES 2018 kicks off in a few hours. The South Korean OLED specialist wowed the world with its ludicrously skinny 'wallpaper televisions' last year, and 12 months later, the firm is now ready to show off an 88-inch 8K TV. Because 2160p is a sinfully low resolution, dammit! But LG also has another new OLED to roll out at the Las Vegas event. Literally...

Over the new few days in Sin City, LG is going to show off an OLED prototype display that can be rolled up like a newspaper. The company first announced the tech a couple of years ago, but now it's ready to show off a 65-inch, 4K version of this absurdly futuristic display.

This is obviously the TV when it's not been rolled up like yesterday's morning paper.

There aren't a whole lot of concrete details on the prototype as yet, but in the event pricing details are announced, you'll likely have to remortgage your house/sell several organs to afford one. After all, last year's wallpaper-thin 65W7V is still priced around £4,499.00.

The concept of rolling up a TV may seem absurd, but being able to compress the dimensions of your display would certainly be a space-saver... although we doubt you'll be wrapping up this prototype and stuffing it inside your backpack to take to a friend's anytime soon.

As a madman who owns two LG OLEDs, I'm all for any pioneering advancements the Korean giant can introduce, but even the idea of a rollable telly seems silly to me.

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