CES 2018: LG's New Tower Projector Will Beam 150-Inches of 4K Sexiness to Your Wall

By Dave Meikleham on at

CES is an exciting time for TV lovers. When the biggest gadget show on Earth kicks off tomorrow night, OLED-lovers will hope LG is going to knock their socks off with a new batch of TVs that are capable of sporting darker blacks than Rick Sanchez’s soul. In the meantime, the South Korean tech giant is impressing with a new 4K projector that’s relatively svelte in terms of physical real estate, but downright jumbo when it comes to image size.

Image: LG

Boasting a screen size that can stretch to 150-inches, LG’s new HU80KA projector should be more than capable of doing Ultra HD’s 8 million pixels justice. The sheer size of the image alone should make up for the projector’s kinda disappointing max light output; at only 2,500 lumens, it’s probably too dark to make HDR pictures sing.

What really separates the HU80KA from the rest of the projecting pack is its unique form factor. LG has constructed it as a sleek tower, rather than the usual short, boxy projectors you’ve probably encountered in office life.

Image: LG

According to LG, the HU80KA can even be mounted to the ceiling, though having a vertically stacked projector dangling above you like 4K hanging fruit probably won’t add a layer of subtilty to your living room setup. 

Still, it’s certainly interesting to see a tower projector, and even if the HU80KA is a little bigger than most of the vanilla competition, just imagine how much space a 155-inch OLED would take up.

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