Local Poshos Say "Not In Our Lovely Gentrified Streets" to New McDonald's Opening

By Gary Cutlack on at

Burger chain McDonald's is facing a protest in the tidy streets of Manchester's East Didsbury area, where the locals would rather it didn't open up one of those drive-through car window burger shops that are popular with the common man.

There is now a group of clean eating vigilantes operating under the name "East Didsbury Not Lovin’ It," who say the idea of building a two-storey McDonald's bothy in the car park of a nearby Tesco will contribute to childhood obesity, litter levels and anti-social behaviour.

Traffic is the main worry, though, or at least the point they think the council is most likely to agree with them on, as they say the road's already busy, and a sudden influx of modded Vauxhall Corsas steaming with meat and fries fumes can only bring the area to a more grinding type of halt.

Mother Vickie McLynn predicts a riot, saying: "Safety is the biggest concern for us as well as the gathering of big groups of young people. There has already been trouble on the trams and this is another place for them to congregate. Trouble between kids from the two schools would be a concern for us too."

Do kids really get that stressed about queuing for chips? [Manchester Evening News]