London Building Has Had Enough of Being Climbed

By Gary Cutlack on at

The owners of the Lloyd's of London building have had enough of you YouTube kids generating your precious content by climbing up the outside of it, and wants to win a court injunction to put an end to people in costumes clambering up its 80s framework.

The building is one massive invitation to be climbed it has to be said, as the building's main feature is having all of its pipework, lifts and general operational gubbins on the outside walls -- leaving the inside as a minimalist cavern -- with the side-effect of creating a lovely external climbing frame of lumps and grids and curves and things that all scream "CLIMB UP ME EVEN IN YOUR WORK CLOTHES"

According to Lloyd's it caught more than 20 people trying to climb the building last year -- almost certainly with cameras on their heads -- and is seeking a legal barrier to it happening again. A Lloyd's spokesperson said: "...the increase in frequency of trespassers not only increases the risk of injury, but also poses a threat to the security of Lloyd's inasmuch as the global broadcasting of these incidents openly provides information about access points to future trespassers as well as future trespassers with malicious intent." [FT via Standard]

Image credit: Wikipedia

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