London Might Be Getting a Concert Venue Shaped Like a Giant Golf Ball

By Kim Snaith on at

American company Madison Square Garden Company (MSGC) has revealed plans to create its first venue outside of the United States: a massive concert arena near to the Olympic park in Newham.

It's not just any massive concert arena either — it's a 130 metre-tall golf ball shaped venue that'll accommodate up to 20,000 people. Its size would rival the O2 Arena. It's planned that tiered seating will fill the lower half of the dome, while the upper half would be negative space to create a stunning domed roof.

Of course, this is just a proposal so far. The designs have not yet been submitted to the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), who are responsible for planning and building permissions at the area proposed for the Golf Ball. While MSGC's plan seems to fit in line with LLDC's policies, there are concerns that it may be opposed on the basis of a housing shortage in the area. Approximately 1,400 new homes could be built on the same area as the concert venue, and Newham has over 25,000 families on a housing list waiting to be housed.

Whether or not the Golf Ball will ever come to fruition, then, remains to be seen. According to the LLDC, they've yet to enter any "formal pre-planning discussions with any party". [Guardian]

Featured image: The Guardian