London Says No to Public Thatcher Statue

By Gary Cutlack on at

People on a night out in London looking for something to vandalise are not going to get what they want, as Westminster Council has denied planning permission for a statue of Margaret Thatcher.

The statue was to have been erected in Parliament Square, although it was a controversial choice for several reasons. The official rejection reason is that she's in the wrong outfit plus her family weren't keen on the design that was chosen, with the council making no mention of the vandalism concerns the police raised and saying that the 10-year-rule -- which says statues of people dead for less than a decade are a bit poor form -- was not an issue here.

It could still be on the agenda for the future, though, as the council says it would consider a plan for a redesigned outdoor Thatcher statue that does have family support, plus it would rather she was portrayed in prime ministerial clothes rather the House of Lords robes outfit this design was to use. [Westminster Council]

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