London's First Electric Black Cab Hits the Streets

By Gary Cutlack on at

The first customer to take delivery of one of London's new electric taxis has been made a star of, with black cab maker LEVC taking photos and quotes to mark the historic day that Chingford's David Harris got his keys.

Harris paid the price of £55,599 (or leased it for £177 a week under the maker's business purchase scheme) for his new recognisably shaped TX Electric taxi, which uses batteries and an electric drive system to offer a pure electric range of up to 80 miles, before a backup petrol range-extender motor kicks in to generate additional power.

Harris has done the maths and reckons it's a good deal for him, as he explains: "I'm going to see some a significant savings on running the electric taxi. Even though I can't charge the vehicle at home, I should be able to charge the cab once a day at Heathrow. Combined with lower servicing and overall running costs, this means I should end up £500-£600 a month better off before I even go out to work." [City AM]

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