Looks Like Audiobooks Are Coming to Google Play

By Dave Meikleham on at

Amazon's Audible has long had a stranglehold on the audiobook market, but that may be about to change. Thanks to some eagled-eyed work from 9to5Google, it looks like the Big G may soon be getting in the digital tome game.

Image: Book Riot

The site recently noticed an audiobook banner has been added to Google's Play Store, though the hub the link pulls through to isn't yet live. This comes off the back of Android Police finding references to audiobooks when sifting through APK files for the Google Play app last November.

If Google is about to enter the audiobook market, it would see the company going head to head against Amazon once more; both giants are already in direct competition when it comes to cloud storage, smart speakers and a variety of other gizmos you probably don't need in your life. 

There's no official word on when Google is going to roll out this audiobook service, so keep your lugs peeled.

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