Lost £30,000 Violin Returned to Owner by Cash Converters

By Gary Cutlack on at

One particular branch of Cash Converters has spectacularly failed to convert an item into a massive amount of cash, but it's OK. It was for a good cause.

This story starts off sad, as it involves professional violinist Morven Bryce, whose massively valuable John Dilworth violin fell out of the luggage compartment of a bus while she was on tour. To say she was sad about it and tried to find it is quite an understatement, as she rang the councils and the roads departments, and even hired a taxi to drive around looking for it -- but it was gone.

Fast forward two months to the Edmonton branch of Cash Converters, where manager Richard Newman purchased a violin and two bows from a couple of blokes for £35. Newman was a little suspicious, as managers of Cash Converters presumably have to be, and investigated the brand of the violin. Discovering it was a renowned make worth around £30,000 set the alarm bells off, and Bryce's appeals -- and earlier tweets to Cash Converters' social accounts to be on the lookout -- were soon found.

Lady and violin were then reunited, and we suspect she also picked up a few DVD players and flat-screen TVs while in the branch out of a feeling of obligation. [Retail Gazette]