Lyft is Offering Autonomous Car Rides for CES Attendees

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas at the end of this week, bringing with it a host of new announcements and washing machines that are revealed with the same level of showmanship as a flagship smartphone. It's also a place for companies to show off their developing technology to the world, and for Lyft that means bundling people into self-driving cars.

It's part of the company's partnership with self-driving software firm nuTonomy, letting convention attendees grab a ride between 9th and 12th January. The vehicles will be provided by nuTonomy's parent company Aptiv, and will travel along 20 pre-defined routes to select destinations. So while you won't be able to travel anywhere you like within Vegas, you'll be able to experience the thrill of sitting in a car that isn't being controlled by a human being.

The point of this is to show how well Aptiv's cars can handle complicated routes and environments, while presumably trying to generate some publicity for both it and Lyft. If you're worried about getting into a car tat doesn't have a driver, though, you can rest easy with the knowledge that each car will have a 'safety driver' behind the wheel (just in case) and an in-car host to keep you company.

If you are heading to Vegas next week, like some sort of crazy person, you can request a ride from the Las Vegas Convention Center's Gold Lot. Just make sure you're not in a hurry, because you'll have to go through an "informative exhibit" that preaches the benefits of self-driving cars before you can actually get into one. [Aptiv via Engadget]

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