Manchester Hospital Bans Sugar From Patient and Staff Food

By Gary Cutlack on at

High-fructose corn syrup addicts living in the vicinity of Manchester's Tameside hospital had better hope they never get sick, as the hospital has banned all sugary snacks and drinks from sale inside the premises -- and has even encouraged the on-site chefs to make sure the meals offered to patients and staff are sugar free, too.

There will be no added sugar in all meals from now on, so chef will have to work a bit harder to caramelise that vat of  bloody onions. The only drinks offered to staff and patients will be tea, coffee, milk and water from now on too, so local teens could probably make quite a good living selling cans to the sickbound outside the main gates.

The interesting thing is that the staff are apparently bang up for this healthy option conditioning scheme, with the trust's chief exec Karen James saying: "My staff work very hard. Long hours and shift patterns often make it very difficult for people to make healthy choices, so they opt for the instant sweet fixes, which until now have been readily available. These are dedicated healthcare professionals who believe they should be role models for their patients, but the food environment has been working against them."

Staff involved in a trial of the plan have been seeing the weight dropping off them, which can only help reduce wear and tear on the ward lifts too. [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash