Metal Detectorists Discover Fake Metal Detectorists' Haul of Fake Metal

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some terribly sad news involving a pair of genuine metal detection enthusiasts has been revealed, after the pair stumbled across the holy grail of the hobbyist world — a stash of gold coins in a field they thought could be worth up to £250,000. Sadly all was not as it seemed.

The coins were props that had been used to illustrate the thrill of an uncovered gold horde for the filming of BBC metal detection comedy The Detectorists, creating a metal detection paradox and a trap that real life detectionist pair Paul and Andy fell straight into.

Mackenzie Crook, star of the comedy and to make matters all the more special interest a detection fan himself, said he had planned to remove the prop coins but hadn't got round to it. Crook explained: "I intended to go back to find any strays, but was horrified to hear that Paul and Andy had got there first. As a detectorist myself, I was gutted that I contributed to their disappointment." [The Times]

Image credit: Unsplash