Milton Keynes Gets £40m FTTP-For-All Pump

By Gary Cutlack on at

The technically advanced city of Milton Keynes may soon be humming to the sound of smug men performing internet speed tests, as a roll out of a consumer gigabit product that hopes to cover the entire city is about to begin.

The £40m investment is being put up by CityFibre and its recently acquired partner Vodafone, money that'll be used to expand the current business gigabit plans to consumers across the city. That means gigabit to the home for "nearly every" business and home in Milton Keynes, according to CityFibre, which is so excited about the product's launch in late-2018 that there's already a pre-ordering, interest-expressing, excitement-raising page for it on Vodafone's web site.

Peter Marland from Milton Keynes Council, said: "As a modern city that prides itself on its smart city ambitions and projects, we are perfectly positioned to make the most of this major private investment in our digital infrastructure. We know that the city will get behind this project to ensure that every home and business unlocks their digital potential." [CityFibre via Think Broadband]