Ministry of Defence Says No to Lakes Zip Wires

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those arguing against plans to erect a zip wire ride in the Lake District have had a powerful ally join the team, with the Ministry of Defence lodging an objection against the scheme on the grounds that it could cause a risk to low-flying pilots training in the area.

The plan is the work of outdoor activity specialist Treetop Trek, which thinks that what the kids trudging around the lakes really need to make them put their phones away and enjoy themselves is a zip wire 130 metres above Thirlmere Reservoir. Probably one that costs at least £57 a pop, too. Locals aren't so keen, obviously, what with it being the lakes, and the lakes supposed to be about walking around thinking about poetry while leaning one elbow on a rotting gate post and telling a child to stop crying and walk faster because the car's four miles away still and can't drive itself yet.

The Ministry of Defence's objection is a right old windfall for those who don't want people taking selfies on zip wires above the hills, with the MoD's against letter stating: "The Lake District is used by both experienced crews and students undertaking Basic Fast Jet Training, Advanced Flying Training and those from the Defence Helicopter School. Activity stands to be severely affected, with impacts recognised in safety, cost, efficiency and output."

It could make our pilots worse and then what would happen if we needed to win air superiority again? [Sky News]

Image credit: Wikipedia