Netflix Has 55 Million US Subscribers, But CEO Says "There's Still a Ways To Go"

By Kim Snaith on at

Netflix, the TV and movie streaming giant, is celebrating its most successful quarter so far in terms of subscriber count — in just three months, it's gathered 8.3 million new subscribers globally.

That number adds up to a total of 121 million Netflix customers around the world — 117.6 million who subscribe to the streaming service, and another 3.4 million in North America who still receive DVDs through the post.

Around 55 million of those global subscribers are in the United States, with the rest being spread around the world. And as fantastic as that number sounds, apparently it's not quite good enough for Netflix just yet. These numbers were shared as part of Netflix's Q4 earnings call, where founder and CEO Reed Hastings said that five years ago, he'd imagined Netflix would have substantially more US customers:

"It was 5 years ago when we said we thought the market, the U.S., would be somewhere between 60 and 90 million. We're still at only 55 million. So a ways to go just to cross into the bottom of our expectation range."

He then went on to say that in order to achieve that figure, Netflix needs to continue pushing itself to "just keep doing more incredible content, downloading, easy to use, all the things that we're doing and, thus, continue to earn the trust and affection of consumers".

During the call, Netflix's chief content officer, Theodore Sarandos also shared that there's at least 80 film projects in production and acquisition in 2018. That's a lot of new content, and is part of what helps Netflix continually grow. Hopefully soon, Hastings will be able to report the company has hit at least the bottom end of those estimated figures. [Netflix IR]