New Cartoon Aims to Teach 7-Year-Olds About Copyright Infringement

By Kim Snaith on at

There's a lot of things that kids need to learn, but I'm not sure copyright infringement would rate highly on the list. Some disagree though, as the Intellectual Property Office has come up with a series of short animated videos to teach kids about copyright and trademarking.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO), a government-funded organisation, deems that learning to respect other people's trademarks and copyrights, and understanding the laws around them, is a key life skill — and the sooner that children begin to understand the concepts around it, the easier it will be for them to understand.

The three cartoons tell the story of anthropomorphic pop sensations Nancy and the Meerkats, and also features 'Kitty Perry', 'Ed Shearling' and 'Justin Beaver'. They're certainly eye-catching cartoons that'll capture the attention of younger audiences, whether or not the deeper subject matter is interesting to them.

The campaign, known as the 'Nancy campaign', is being joint funded by the government and the UK music industry in order to raise awareness of the laws surrounding copyright. The IPO has already made a range of educational tools aimed at GCSE-level students, and this new initiative aims to help children understand the issues even younger.