Norwegians Break BA's Flight Speed Record

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the bulbous nose-jobbed planes belonging to the Norwegian airline fleet has broken a flight speed record previously held by British Airways, with the Norwegian 787 making the New York-to-London run in record time. As long as you don't count Concorde.

The Norwegian flight took just five hours and 13 minutes to get from John F Kennedy International to Gatwick, which is three minutes faster than BA's previous best and around 30 minutes quicker than the average time taken. The Norwegian Dreamliner is no faster than other models of transatlantic flyer, with the airline crediting the speed to the riding of an unusually strong 200mph tailwind for large chunks of the flight.

The captain said he might've gone faster too but for the odd patch of turbulence, with the plane hitting a top speed of 776mph as it flew. [Telegraph]

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