Now BP is Adding EV Chargers to its Petrol Stations

By Tom Pritchard on at

Adoption of electric cars is on the rise, and as expected the petrol companies are capitalising on it by installing charging points at their petrol stations. So they can earn money from fossil fuel absconders, naturally, and also because the government might force them to.

BP is the latest company to jump on the trend, with a new trial that adds EV chargers to petrol stations across the UK and Europe.

The company, infamous for being big on that whole 'oil' fad, has already invested $5 million (just over £3.5 million) in Freewire, a US company that specialises in mobile fast charging rigs. As of next month those mobile chargers will be added to BP petrol stations for EV users to plug into.

According to BP Freewire's Mobi chargers are easy to install, thanks to their mobility and small size. They also plug into a regular wall socket to top up their power, which effectively means chargers can be installed quickly and easily without having to make massive changes to the existing infrastructure. It's a nice idea, and means that the units can be moved around to optimise charging availability based on the level of demand.

My only concern is how quickly the chargers will run out of juice. According to Freewire they offer 7.5kw and 50kw charging, both of which are faster than the typical 2.3kw offered by mains power. But they've probably figured that out, and if a charger does run out of juice they could theoretically roll out a new one to take its place.

BP hasn't announced any specific numbers for the trial, only that it'll be carried out to test consumer demand for EV chargers. Hopefully it'll lead to a more widespread rollout as the level of EV adoption increases. At the very least its another sign that oil companies aren't resistant to change, and want to make sure they're relevant in the post-petroleum future. [Pocket Lint]

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