Ocado Set to Introduce Robot Workers into its Warehouses

By Kim Snaith on at

The future is here, folks. The robots are going to take over — starting with Ocado's warehouses.

The online supermarket has unveiled a bot it calls "SecondHands" — a robot that rolls on wheels designed to do the heavy lifting that working in a retail warehouse involves.

SecondHands hasn't been put to work quite yet - it's currently being tested in Ocado's robotics research lab (yes, apparently a supermarket has one of those) with an aim to be implemented in all of Ocado's warehouses across the UK when it's ready.

However, Ocado doesn't see that the robot will replace human workers — not yet at least. The company sees the robot as working alongside the rest of the staff, taking out some of the strain of physical labour for human workers. All things considered, a robot colleague might not be so bad. It'll save on awkward water cooler smalltalk at least. [Sky News]