Online School Offers 'Nanodegree' in Flying Cars

By Kim Snaith on at

There are already a lot of degrees out there that sound a bit made up. But Flying Cars and Autonomous Flight? Get outta town!

Nope, it's actually a real thing. Offered Udacity, an e-learning institution based in Silicon Valley and founded by Professor Sebastian Thrun, a former Stanford professor.

It's not quite a full degree though; you won't get fancy letters to stick after your name. Udacity calls it a "nanodegree" and upon completion — which will take six to 12 months, depending how committed you are — you'll get a certification. During the course, you'll learn the fundamental programming skills required to, well, make cars fly.

Applications for the course are open via Udacity's website, and if you feel like a career change into flying car engineering may be just what you're looking for, you've got until 7th February to submit your application. The course is split into two terms, each costing $1,200. You didn't think learning to build a flying car was going to be cheap, did you? [BBC]

Cover image: Udacity