Original Recipe Irn Bru 'Fanny' Bottle for Sale on eBay for £1,700

By Kim Snaith on at

There's currently a glass bottle of Irn Bru on sale on eBay for £1,700. It's even got a bid on it. A limited edition bottle from 2013, it's got the word "Fanny" printed on it — from a promotion that ran in Scotland to tie in with the popular TV ad that ran at the time:

Sure, it's a funny advert... but £1,700 for a bottle of Irn Bru that went off four years ago? The eBay listing describes it as a "limited edition collector's item". We're not sure if it's selling for so much because it's the original recipe of Irn Bru, or because the bottle has a rude word on it, but either way it's a little crazy.

A quick look at completed listing on eBay shows us that one sold back in November for a quid — the RRP of the bottle — and another (albeit a sugar-free variant) sold for £30. Either the limited edition-ness of this has just suddenly skyrocketed (in which case you'd be well annoyed at just having sold one for £1), or someone's just fannying around. [i News]

Featured image: eBay