Pint Beer Can't be Sold in 500ml Cans

By Gary Cutlack on at

A small scale brewery has been told to either rename a beer it sells under the name of Pint or somehow make slightly bigger cans, with Trading Standards saying that selling an alcoholic drink called "Pint" in a 500ml can may lead to ever so slight levels of confusion among the sorts of people who insist on being sold to the imperial way.

The problem, of course, is that a traditional UK pint is actually 568ml, with the Pint drink being sold in 500ml cans. That's Not Quite A Pint, a fact that local Trading Standards people think could lead to a man with an England flag on his social media profile becoming bewildered and angry enough to kick the wing mirrors off all the Volkswagens in his street.

Someone did complain to Trading Standards about the 500ml/pint disparity last year, with the head of Marble Brewery saying at the time that he felt it "a bit silly" that such an issue was made over a potentially missing 68ml. But he's not laughing now, not in a country that has made metric/imperial and red/blue pettiness it's raison d'être. [BBC]