Posh Bottled Water Ads Banned for Life-Extending Claims

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bottled water brand that's too posh to be sold near where any of us lot live is in trouble, with the makers of No 1 Rosemary Water told to stop advertising it in a manner that suggests it's some sort of magical elixir with the power to extend life. All water is like that, in some way.

The shady adverts were built on supposed extreme local longevity in a small town in Italy where the residents get through loads of rosemary and rosemary-infused foods, and amazingly, all live to 100 and don't get degenerative brain diseases like us flabby crisps-fed lot. These claims are spurious at best, with one advert going so far as to show an older lady drinking a bit of water and getting younger before the very eyes of the viewer. We doubt anyone was fooled into thinking it has such real-time regenerative effects, but still.

The ads have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority, which says Rosemary Water's ads, web site and promotional tweets were bang out of order, and that such nonsensical claims as triggering production of "naturally-forming, joint-reinforcing glucosamine" as made by "research scientists" are really quite misleading. [ASA via Metro]