Professional Worriers Want More Health Warnings on Alcohol Labels

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of important people are suggesting that cigarette pack style health warnings should be added to alcohol containers, to make sure people knocking them back know that the short-term confidence high is likely to come with the possibility of longer term health lows.

The actual report [PDF] from the Royal Society for Public Health comes with the image above, which it has created to illustrate how a "best practise" future bottle of beer might look when being examined by someone without the necessary social skills to make eye contact with the humans.

They say that consumers are keen on the idea too, with a key idea being to enshrine the 14-units-a-week safe consumption advice on the label to help drinkers keep track  of how far beyond guideline levels they may currently be; because no one's really aware of this particular piece of advice.

The paper's summary warns: "... only one in 10 people link cancer to alcohol consumption, and 80 per cent don’t know how many calories are in a glass of wine. The UK is facing an alcohol health awareness vacuum, and poor labelling is partially to blame." [BBC]

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