Red Dwarf Could Return as a Live Stage Show

By Gary Cutlack on at

Things are very much alive in the Red Dwarf universe at the moment, with the show's co-creator revealing that he's planning for series 13 and 14 of the show, and that there's the off chance that the team might reassemble in public for a series of live stage shows.

In an interview, Doug Naylor came out with one of the most fact-filled sentences in the history of science fiction television, saying of future Dwarf plans: "When I say a tour, I mean do a live show at the O2, so we need to get a schedule that works for the O2 and certainly for Red Dwarf XIII. Probably if we did a Red Dwarf XIII and XIV, it would make the O2 live show more difficult. So we'll probably do Red Dwarf XIII, live show and come back and probably do XIV after that."

So that's two new series of the show and some sort of live stage event, although Naylor points out that UKTV has yet to commision or agree to pay for the possible new TV run. [Comedy Guide]

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