Royal Mail's Game of Thrones Stamp Collection Has Been Unveiled

By Kim Snaith on at

Winter is coming for Royal Mail, who have finally unveiled the designs of their 15 Game of Thrones stamps which were announced earlier this month. Why send a letter with the face of the Queen of England on it when you can send one with the Queen of Westeros?

All of the stamps are first class, and are split into two stamp sheet collections: one set of ten features the headshots of some of the show's most popular characters — including long-dead Eddard Stark, played by Sean Bean (sorry, spoilers!) — and the other set, of five, features one stamp of the iron throne and four of some of the beasts and monsters that wander the seven kingdoms.

Stamps and collectable items can be ordered directly from the Royal Mail website. Stamps can be purchased in their sets at face value, and a range of presentation packs and framed sets are also available.

Check some of 'em out below: